The line girdles offers products that help you lose weight, reduce inches in waist and abdomen thanks to technologies like Trim-Shape. You can find free breasts, with adjustable straps, short, long and with lace.


The body line offers products of medium and high compression that help to lose weight. You can find free breasts, with adjustable straps, high back, buccal, panty or Brazilian.

Men's line

The men's line offers high compression products that help correct posture and lose measurements instantly. Shirts and girdles can be found.


The line of waistband offers special products for sports, which help to maintain a correct posture during the exercise and also prevent injuries and pains. You can find waistbands, waistcoats, anklets, wristbands, knee pads.

Raf_Over lines

Control clothing, blouse type, ideal for outdoor use. Our designs offer innovation and intelligent textures, so that you feel beautiful, comfortable and safe. Molding and reducing girdles, that transform your figure in seconds, leaving you slender and beautiful. Made in different materials that give you a perfect fit. Bodies of medium and high compression that transform your figure instantly, also help to lose weight. Our designs make you feel more comfortable and beautiful. Ideal control clothes for sports and injury prevention, in addition to lose instant measures, correct posture and provide support in the back.